Judy Kim-Meneen

Meet Judy

For Ward E,
Edmonton Public School Trustee

Advocating for those who need to be heard especially youth, elders & women


Dr. Judy Kim-Meneen went to the University of Alberta for her Bachelor of Education with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Biology. She moved into Treaty 8 territory to teach a month early, as she believed that building relationships with youth before one tries to teach them is very important to success of students.

She has a systemic mind where she likes to explore different systems.  Thus, she has taught on reserve, provincial schools on reserve, as well as in the broader provincial system to see the similarities and differences between systems.

After teaching for a while, Dr. Kim-Meneen went into administration and became a superintendent of schools and while she was a superintendent she received her Masters in Education Administration.

As a life-long learner, Dr. Kim-Meneen continued her education in pursuit to understand intergenerational trauma better and researched how to support, build, and develop innovative public health programming in the area of parenting and earned her PhD in Community Public Health where her thesis focused on impact of residential school on second-generation parenting styles.


Dr. Judy Kim-Meneen enjoys tremendously being involved in the communities that she lives, plays, and works. She is an active member in her local community league board within Ward E. She is a very strong supporter of building a community that is inclusive, safe, and supportive.

Dr. Kim-Meneen enjoys hosting, organizing, and volunteering at different gatherings and events in the communities and committees that she is part of and they are educational, health focused, inclusive, but ultimately whole lot of fun. She is part of the solution and networks to find the solution when solution is hard to produce.

Support Judy. Every Dollar Goes Toward Helping Our Campaign

Support Judy. Every Dollar Goes Toward Helping Our Campaign

About Judy

For nearly twenty years Dr. Judy Kim-Meneen has immersed herself in developing, planning, implementing, and teaching in early childhood, K-12 , post-secondary, adult, and public health education.

As a teacher, administrator, and a mother she has first-hand experience in all the strengths and challenges of public education.

Dr. Kim-Meneen has the academic background, but most importantly the teachings she received from her students, her student’s parents, her colleagues, her community members, and her children to prepare her to be the next Edmonton Public School Trustee for Ward E. 

She enjoys bringing people together to make connections and collaborate and bring forth an environment that promotes acceptance and support people to reach their potential.

Dr. Kim-Meneen understands that no single approach is the right one for every individual, so she is a committed the individual who does what it takes to ensure needs are met. 

Dr. Kim-Meneen was born in South Korea and moved to Edmonton in 1988 with her parents and brother. She is a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, health director, consultant on policies, program development / evaluation, and a proposal writer.  Dr. Kim-Meneen resides in Ward E with her family.